With everything happening with COVID-19 I felt that it was important to address the air quality and support your healing experience. To do this, my therapy room is equipped with a Novaerus Air Disinfection unit. This unit runs constantly and uses medical grade plasma technology to kill all airborne micro-organisms in the room.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Over time we been taking decisions that were not ours only. We changed our mind, our decisions, our way of live to fit in a job, family or society. By doing this we broke up with who we REALLY are.

These disconnections are shown in our life as depression, anxiety, feelings of loss, overweight, struggle to fall sleep and other mental and physical disorders.

Hypnosis is the door to your subconscious and Higher Mind and the possibility to heal your body mind and spirit. If you feel that the root of your trauma or issue is rooted deep withing yourself and you are ready to look inside for solutions; hypnotherapy is for you.

"We are not human being having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Holistic Hypnosis

My approach to hypnosis is holistic. This means that the issue you want to resolve will heal at physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual levels.

A holistic approach focusses on a person's wellness and not just their illness or condition.

This method takes the hypnotists judgment completely out of the process – so your ‘Higher’ mind is free to produce the best and optimum outcomes possible.

The Hypnotist can create no harm, as your ‘Higher” mind guides the process completely, does
the evaluation and the change work from within.

Each session is client driven and designed for your individual needs

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Weight Reduction & Healthy Body Weight Program

In most cases weight gain and being stuck unhealthy weight main causes are emotional.

We eat when we feel lonely. We eat when we are stress, worried, sad, scared...

We use food to manage unpleasant feelings

We keep eating looking to find a comfort we don't find within ourselves. But to feel whole,

We eat to fill ourselves up, like that will make us feel completed, whole. The principal/base of this is that we are missing in ourselves the foundations that make us feel whole; self-care, self-love, self-acceptance, self-stem, self-worth, self-confidence...

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Past Life Regression & Inter-Life

Perhaps you have been curious about things in your life that just don’t seem to make sense—or have no origin?

Perhaps you have a fear of phobia that is completely unfounded.

Perhaps you have a habit or addiction and you don’t know where it came from.

Perhaps you have health concerns and want answers?

Perhaps you have a certain skill set or talent that doesn’t seem to fit with your family history?

Perhaps there are people in your life who you are magnetically drawn to even though
they may be strangers?

Perhaps you are wondering why there are those individuals whose presence seems to cause hardship or problems in your life?

Perhaps you are curious to know, “Who were you in another life?”

If you answered YES to any of the above, then Past Life & Inter-Life Regression is for YOU!

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The Simpson Protocol

The Simpson Protocol is a process that allows the client’s conscious mind to relax and step aside so that the superconscious can work freely and completely - to the benefit of the Client’s optimum outcome.

This takes the Hypnotist’s conscious mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client-centered which empowers the client.

About Me

Hi, I am Ainara Sierra. The Mind Coach you been looking to help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to Perth Holistic Hypnosis.

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LQBTQIA+, Poly, Relationship Anarchy, ENM & Kink friendly.

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Amazing Experience!

Ainara goes that extra mile to make to you feel at ease and comfortable. Awakens the soul and her gentle holistic approach provides reassurance in her method! Would 100% recommend Ainara!

Blessings and love for all those seeking enlightenment and spiritual growth!

Pamela Alejandra Araya

Ainara is an extraordinary therapist. She questions & challenges you and really makes sure you move forward. She's very intuitive and creative in her work and works around your defense mechanisms in order to help you dig deeper inside yourself. She's the kind of therapist who's willing to do that extra mile for you in order to really make sure you'll get the results you want because she truly believes everything is possible!
Thanks Ainara for the work you've been helping me to do and the insights I am being able to get. Can't wait to see what's next!... I am loving this process!!!!

Helena Alexandra Sousa. Portugal

I have been very fortunate to have had several hypnosis sessions with Ainara. They are nothing short of AMAZING!!! She has guided me through challenges with more ease. This has all been done on zoom across the miles. She is a kind and caring soul and very accommodating as well. I highly recommend you contact her for your next hypnosis session.

Karen Ollerich Poppel

Ainara I wanted to thank you for all your help over these past months. You are right, hypnosis takes us to elements and places within ourselves we cannot find easily any other way. Even as a hypnotherapist myself, we need each other as we often cannot travel these roads alone; the healing relationship is also primary.Thanks to you, my mind is clearer, I set priorities with more ease and clarity, and thus life is flowing with more ease. My intense distractability is much easier to manage; I can allow downtime for that, and remain focused on the important things so much more easily now. It's opened up capacity to get things done in a way I haven't had for a long time.I'm both less stressed and more productive in the ways that matter to me. There is deep peace in my heart and mind a lot of the time now, and I know our work together has set that up.Anyone reading, if you're considering any kind of change work, I do recommend working with Ainara. She even offers a short free 'meet and greet' session so you can check if you click together first. The unconscious mind is the repository of everything about yourself you don't know, so it's the place to go to heal your issues of all kinds. Ainara is respectful, very professional, skilled and fun to work with, I recommend her services with enthusiasm and love.

Rosie Hirst

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land I call home. I recognize their continuous connection to land waters and community. I pay respect to their culture and to their elders, present past & future.

I am grateful to the custodians of the Whadjuk Noongar nation on whose boodja I live and work.